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Great Work!

Sarco Press has been an invaluable resource. I have published two indie book series. The first is set in the Bronze Age of ancient Greece, and the second is a private eye series. Sarco selected the most appropriate font styles, laid out the text, posted it to Amazon, and continued to work with me as I made improvements along the way. Sarco has also supplied nuggets of gold regarding marketing strategies. I cannot imagine how I would have even taken the first step without them, and I hope to use their services long into the future.


Murray Lee Eiland Jr.

Glenn Makes My Stories Beautiful

I know this to be true, as I previously used a very well-known company to do my formatting. I exchanged emails with one person, heading the company. They charged like wounded bulls. They were so expensive, the cost of my books rose to exorbitant levels. I live in New Zealand so the horrendous exchange rate contributed to rising stress levels. I couldn’t find anyone in New Zealand to do my formatting, so I entrusted my manuscript to that company. My stories were outsourced and ended up on some kind of “free site”. They were stolen.

I then tried another lesser known person. The stories came back looking ok, but not flash.

Third time lucky, they say. I hit the jackpot. I found Glenn by accident, and a happy accident it turned out to be. The difference is unbelievable, even my covers look cooler – and it is all done by Glenn at a very reasonable price and so much faster than before. Everything is perfect. He has helped me understand the process so I am now savvier, and my learning curve is not quite as steep as it was.

Glenn formats my books for print and I upload them to CreateSpace, he also formats them as e-books for Kindle and other sites. He has taught me that some of my stories look better using a fixed format, others look better with flow. I had never had a choice before, nor anyone to explain it to me. He’s a book-formatting whizz!

Glenn is kind, patient beyond belief with me, and truly seems to take each project like it is his to make the most of it. He has made my stories look better than I expected. I am utterly grateful that somehow, out of all the sites on the internet, I found him. My husband says stay put!

I won’t be going elsewhere.


Glenn is the BEST

I can not say enough about Glenn’s services. He’s friendly, down to earth, responsive and very skilled. I would highly recommend him and will use sarcopress in the future for sure!
Thank you, Glenn for making my book a reality!

Amy DeWeerd

A True Pro

I use Glenn to format all my books. Glenn always ‘gets’ what I have in mind for my projects and delivers on time. A true pro – I’ll continue to use him for all future projects.

K. Black



Look no further, Glenn is the right solution

I wish I could read this review a few months ago – I would save so much time and energy… but ok, at least now I know!
I`m very satisfied with Glenn`s work, he is cooperative, quick and knows how to handle the things.
Glenn did full formating of word document for me, so the book is acceptable for Kindle and/or Printing house.
He also helped me with the cover too (to put it all together as it should be for printing).
I highly recommend Glenn.

Aleksej Metelko