Uploading to Createspace and KDP (Kindle)

To upload books to Createspace and KDP, a few things need to be determined. Sarco Press can upload your books for you, but you still need to provide us some information.


You’ll need to determine the trim size (to read an article about choosing a trim size, go here) and you’ll need to decide whether the book has a color or B&W interior (color is much more expensive to print).

To size the cover, we’ll need to know whether the paper type will be white or cream (cream pages are thicker).

You’ll need to determine the selling price of your book. To get ideas for pricing your Createspace book, visit the Createspace Royalty Calculator at this page and click the “Royalties” tab.


You’ll need to determine whether you want your book enrolled in Kindle Select. Kindle Select provides the opportunity for authors to make more in royalties, but it comes with the restriction that you can’t publish the ebook version of your book anywhere else (this applies to the ebook version only – you can sell your paperbacks in any way you like). Information about Kindle Select can be found here and here.

Kindle Pricing: we recommend that new authors price their books at $2.99-$5.99 if it is a novel or similar type book. Nonfiction selling prices may vary, according to content. More information about pricing Kindle books can be found here.

Createspace & Kindle

You’ll need to pick 7 keywords and 2 categories. Keywords are simply words that people might enter into the Amazon search bar while searching for a book like yours to read, and each keyword can be a short phrase if desired. Go here for more information. Note: Kindle accepts up to 7 keywords and Createspace accepts up to 5 keywords.

Likewise, potential readers may search for books to read by browsing the book categories. Category information for Kindle books can be found here. To read an article on another web site about choosing categories, click here. Note: you’ll need 2 categories for Kindle and 1 category for Createspace.

Blurb. The blurb is a short description of your book, and the importance of a good blurb can’t be understated. The cover gets the reader’s attention, and the blurb makes them interested in buying the book.  To read an article on another web site about writing a good blurb, go here.

If you want a free PDF copy of my book, “The Beginner’s Guide To Publishing Books On Kindle And Createspace“, contact me at glenn@sarcopress.com and I’ll send you the link. The book has a lot of pictures to help the reader with account creation and the upload process.