Publishing a Createspace Book: A Step By Step Guide

Setting up a Createspace account and uploading books to it can be a daunting process even if we have done it before. To help authors new to the process, I went through the entire Createspace account creation process and set up a new book. I took a lot of screenshots and took a lot of notes.

To Publish your Createspace book, follow these three steps:
1. Make a Createspace account (or log onto your existing account) and add your title.
2. Enter information about the book such as the title, categories, and blurb.
3. Upload the Interior File and the Cover File.


STEP 1. Make a Createspace Account

Go to Createspace and make an account:

Fill out the information and click “Create My Account”:

Follow the directions:


This window will pop up:

Check your email:

If you already have a Createspace account, go to your Createspace Dashboard:

After you have logged into the dashboard, click on the “Add New Title” button to begin the process of creating your paperback book.
But if you’ve just made your account and verified it through your email, you’ll be brought to this window:


Then enter your title. Make sure it is the exact same title as your Kindle book or the books won’t link on Amazon and be sold on the same Amazon page!

If your Createspace account is new, you’ll be brought to the “Missing Royalty Payment Profile” window:



Click the link to be brought to “Account Settings” and fill everything out:



Set up your tax information (it will vary by country) and your royalty payments:


Then (finally) you can go back to your “New Project” page and work on entering your book information:


STEP 2. Enter information about the book such as the title, categories, and blurb

If you’re not sure about a title, there is a lot of help on the internet. There are also sites to help you figure out good categories to put your book in, and to write an awesome blurb. If you book isn’t in the proper categories, potential readers won’t find it. If your blurb is boring, readers won’t care when they do find it!
You can change the categories and blurb later, so if you can’t think of the perfect categories and blurb right now, just put something in there. But don’t forget to make them awesome when you get time!
First let’s start with the basics:






Then scroll down and save your progress:


Oops, I’ve made an error: too many keywords. I’ll have to remove some:


Scrolling up the screen shows us that after we saved our progress, we obtained our ISBNs. Copy and paste these somewhere so they can be put on your book’s copyright page:


Step 3: Upload the Createspace Interior File and the Cover File

Let’s say that my Interior and my Cover are ready to be uploaded. I clicked the “Browse” buttons and showed Createspace where my files are, but they won’t upload until I click “Save Progress” at the bottom:

Then click “Save Progress” yet again:


Then wait while the Interior and Cover files upload to Createspace from your computer:


We are almost to the end!
We are moved to the next screen where we can pick our distribution channels to sell our book:


Then we enter our selling price:

Then click “Save Progress” for the last time, and then “Submit For Review”:


Then we are brought to our book’s Project Page:

And that’s it! After a day or so, Createspace will let us know if there is a problem with either the Interior File or the Cover File, and we can view the digital proofs.
It is advised to order one physical proof through the mail to check for printing errors. The purpose of the proof is not to proofread your book for spelling and grammar errors! That should have been done before your book was formatted!
The purpose of the Createspace proof is to check that all the fonts printed properly and within the margins and the images (if any) are of high enough quality.

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps new authors to get their Createspace account set up and to get their books uploaded!