CLICK HERE  –>  Interior Style Guide to download the Interior Style Guide PDF file for print books and let me know which design you like. I’ll send you a quote to format your book that way. I can also mix and match fonts and fleurons at no extra charge, so don’t be afraid to ask.

All the following samples are actual books, formatted by Sarco Press.

Here are some examples from a fiction short story called Charlie’s Burden.

Click the images below to see a larger version, or Download these images in a zip file.

Title Page:

Charlies Burden Title


The previous Title Page might be too much for some authors; here is a more simple version:

Charlies Burden Title simple


Chapter One before formatting:

Charlies Burden before


Chapter One after formatting by Sarco Press. This is with Sabon font in the body, Hoefler font in the chapter heading and Centaur font as the drop cap. Note that the first page of Chapter One will always begin on the right hand side, although it may be shown differently below.

Charlies Burden After

More fiction samples, ordinary chapter headings:

3rd age sample 2

fiction sample

the unit sample



Some non-fiction samples:

nonfiction sample 1 cooking sample   nonfiction sample 2  smoothie sample 2


Fancy Chapter Headings, fiction and nonfiction:

telemon Real Talk BASEBALL GENISIS

gratitude shredded 2 nonfiction sample 3