Formatting Terms & Conditions


If you want to know exactly how much your book will cost to be formatted for Createspace and/or Kindle, send me your manuscript or a good, representative sample. You can email me directly at, or go to the contact page here.

Job Requirements:

Be sure to let me know exactly what you need. Do you need:

  1. Kindle formatting?
  2. Createspace formatting?
  3. Formatting for an ebook aggregator like Smashwords or Draft2Digital?
  4. Formatting for another Print On Demand publisher? It is possible to publish a hardcover version of your book with a service like Lulu!
  5. Any other special requirements? If you’re not sure, ask!



Once I know what you need and have seen your manuscript I will email you a binding quote. Once we have agreed to the requirements and price of the job, I’ll send you a first Paypal invoice for half the total amount. When the invoice is paid, I will begin work on your book.

After I have formatted your book, which usually takes 7 days, I will then send you a draft copy for review. The draft copy will have a watermark or some other means of identifying the book as a draft copy. You should review the draft copy and suggest any formatting changes. I will make the changes and send you a new draft copy.

Once you are  satisfied with how the book looks and are ready to receive the final copy for uploading to your distributor of choice, I will send you a second Paypal invoice for the remaining amount due for the job.

After you have paid the 2nd Paypal invoice, I will immediately deliver to you (via email) the final version of the book(s) in the required format for upload to the distributor.  (It is not necessary to have a Paypal account to pay a Paypal invoice. For more information, see here.)

After you have received your formatted book, upload it to your distributor of choice and check for any problems. If your book is a Print On Demand book, like Createspace, order a proof copy. If you would rather have me upload your books, please read “Uploading Your Book“, below.

In the event that your book will not upload or has errors, I will make free formatting revisions until you are satisfied.


Deliverable files will consist of the files needed to upload to the appropriate book distributor. For example, if the distributor is Amazon Kindle, I will deliver an epub file, and if the distributor is Createspace, I will deliver a PDF file. All files are guaranteed to upload. If the client requests, I will include my working file, which is usually a LibreOffice document. Although I have MS Word installed on my work computer, I use LibreOffice because it’s faster and easier to format books. LibreOffice is a free download, available here.

LibreOffice text documents are in .otd or .fotd format. Later versions of MS Word can import those files, but certain formatting may be lost upon opening, notably drop caps. If the client requires a document in MS Word format, the price of the job might be higher because it may take me longer to do the work and to deal with the resulting headache! Microsoft still has a lot to learn to beat the opensource alternatives!

Book Covers:

I don’t really do cover designs from scratch–graphic arts and book design are two separate skill sets. But as part of my Createspace formatting work, I offer to format your existing cover to fit the paperback book as a free add-on. If you want me to format your existing cover as part of the job, send me the cover image, the book Interior type (B&W or Color), and the Paper Type (white or cream).

Writing Edits:

Your book should be proofread and checked for grammar and spelling mistakes before you send it to me! If you need a professional proofreader/editor, I can recommend Rachel Fogg, and she can be reached at . Let Rachel know I sent you!

However, it is possible that you’ve decided to make other changes after your book is formatted. I understand; I’m a writer myself! If your corrections won’t take me too long to do, let me know what they are and I will make the corrections. If, however, there are a lot of corrections and it will take me hours to do them and cause the layout to change, it will cost more money. So do your best to send me the final version of your book!

Uploading your book:
Uploading books to Kindle or Createspace can be confusing. If you want a free PDF copy of my book, The Beginner’s Guide To Publishing Books On Kindle And Createspace, contact me at and I’ll send you a link to download it. The book has a lot of pictures to help the reader with account creation and the upload process. However, if you still don’t wish to tackle the uploading process because you don’t have the time, Sarco Press can upload your books to Kindle & Createspace for an extra fee of $20. You will have to make your own accounts and send me the login information, and I will take care of uploading and publishing the book. We will need certain information from you before we can upload your book. Please read here to understand what is needed.


I will not share your manuscript or book with anyone else, ever! I’ve formatted well over a hundred books and I’ve never shared them with anyone. I am a simple but principled man; your book is a product of your hard work and is intellectual property owned by you. The idea of stealing or distributing your work would simply never occur to me–I am just not that kind of person!

After the job is completed, I will archive the files I used to work on your book for six months (in case you return to ask for changes), unless you ask me to delete them immediately.

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