Publishing for the Indie Author

Thank you for visiting Sarco Press, your complete publishing service!

If you want to publish the book on your own, and you only need formatting services, see this page.

But if:

You are a new author and would like to get your book published and don’t know where to start?

Does your manuscript need editing, a cover, or interior graphics?

Do you want total control over your own work, without a greedy publisher keeping some of the profits from your book sales?

Welcome to Sarco Press, where your book is published to an audience of millions of potential readers, while you keep all your royalties!

If you decide to use Sarco Press to publish your book, we will take care of all the hard work for you. All you need to provide is the finished manuscript. We’ll have it professionally edited and then we’ll design a great, eye-catching cover.

Then we’ll publish your book on in Kindle format and also in paperback format. If you would like to publish with other print or ebook distributors, we can do that too. We can do the deceptively complicated work of finding keywords and categories that will get the most sales, and optionally we can do some marketing after publication.

Prices vary, depending on the type of book and the options you choose. For a personal quote, download and fill out the Book Details Form and send it to us today at Or just drop us a message to ask questions.